How do I convert HTML from Notepad to IE?

How do I convert HTML from Notepad to IE?

Сообщение johnny 08 сен 2017, 11:26

I have recently started taking an online course on HTML. I am trying to figure out how to make a website from scratch so to speak. I've pretty much done what the book says as far as entering my HTML into Notepad but that is as far as i have been able to get. Granted I am not by any means thru with the HTML course yet but I have finished the first few stages where the course states that I should be able to make a web page. What do I do next?
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How do I convert HTML from Notepad to IE

Сообщение Semenexk 25 ноя 2017, 13:22


I have html pages. and i need to convert that html pages to magento website. so can you suggess steps for that or any tutorials link about that.

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